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Everyone is living in imprisonment, boundaries, restrictions, and limitations, consciously or unconsciously. Within the boundaries, we own something. We do something. We have some abilities. We have some goals. We have some plans. We have some beliefs. We think we are someone. Some of us feel quite comfortable within this space. Some of us don't.

Not everyone of us know that everyone can have freedom. There are unlimited achievements, deeds, abilities and beliefs waiting for us to explore, if we choose to.

Some people think that it is uncomfortable to go beyond boundaries, eg. if we do something we do not do before, if we believe something we do not believe before.

We can choose to have more freedom. We can choose to achieve more in career, relations and health. We can choose to expand our boundaries of deeds, abilities beliefs, decisions and memories.

In the the learning and growing process,  we can freely  :

1. Become more AWARE of the boundaries and limitations

2. Become more FLEXIBLE in responding and taking actions

3. Transcend the boundaries we choose and become more FREE.

4. FLOW more of our life energy blissfully.

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