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Flexible Leader Training Series  (靈活領袖訓練系列)
Flexible Enneagram Leadership (九型彈性領袖)

Enneagram classifies people into 9 types according to their personality.  It is an interesting way to understand the mentality and behavior of a person. This course enables you to lead better in 3 stages :

Stage 1
-To identify your own Enneagram type.
-To leverage your type for better leadership performance.
Stage 2
-To explore the Enneagram type of important people in your career and life.
-To leverage the type for better outcome
Stage 3
-To transcend your original Enneagram type for better outcome

Course Content :
(1) 9 Types of leaders
(2) The pet phrases of the 9 types
(3) The favorite environment of the 9 types
(4) The strength and weakness of the 9 types
(5) The on and off button of the 9 types
(6) The disease of the 9 types
(7) The winning strategy of the 9 types
(8) Transcending your type and lead better

Course Format : Assessment, Demonstration, Practice, Case Study, Discussion

Duration of course : 3 or 6  Hours

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