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Flexible Parent Training Series  (靈活親子技巧訓練系列)
Flexible NLP Parenting & Family Communication (NLP 彈性家庭及親子技巧)

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the study of effective body and mind strategies which parents can make use of . It is effective to improve one's parenting ability by renewing one's Neuro-Linguistic Programs. This course enables you to parent better in 3 stages :

Stage 1
-To identify your own meta-programs.
-To leverage your own meta-programs for better parenting performance.
Stage 2
-To explore the meta-programs of important people in your life.
-To leverage the meta-programs for better parenting.
Stage 3
-To transcend your original meta-programs for better outcome

Course Content :
(1) The meta-programs of sense preference
(2) The meta-programs of drive
(3) The meta-programs of problem solving
(4) The meta-programs of time frame
(5) The meta-programs of chunk size
(6) The meta-programs of locus of control
(7) The meta-programs of comparison
(8) The meta-programs of relation to situation
(9) Observing your own meta-programs
(10) Observing the meta-programs of people
(11) Pacing the meta-programs of people and parent better
(12) Transcending your meta-programs and
parent better

Course Format : Assessment, Demonstration, Practice, Case Study, Discussion

Duration of course : 12  Hours

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