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Flexible Sales Training Series  (FPVmtC)
Flexible Belief Selling (H

Our thinking, feeling and action are unconsciously and largely determined by our beliefs. A change of belief can bring about big change in a person. It is an effective way to improve one's selling ability by improving one's mastery of beliefs. This course enables you to sell better in 3 stages :

Stage 1
-To know more and deeper about beliefs.
Stage 2
-To be able to explore your own belief system.
Stage 3
-To modify some of your beliefs for better sales performance

Course Content :
(1) The nature of beliefs of a person
(2) The elements in your belief system
(3) The functions of the beliefs of a person
(4) 10 powerful assumptions to sell more
(5) How to find out a turn around new belief
(6) How to assess the 5 aspects of one of your prime beliefs
(7) How to strengthen any prime belief you choose
(8) How to sell more by chaining a belief
(9) How to sell more by reframing a belief
(10) How to sell more by outframing a belief
(11) How to sell more by belief metaphor
(12) How to sell more by Milton Model

Course Format : Assessment, Demonstration, Practice, Case Study, Discussion

Duration of course : 6  Hours

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