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Flexible Sales Training Series  (靈活銷售訓練系列)
Flexible DiSC Selling (四型彈性銷售)

DiSC classifies people into four types of personality.  It is not only an interesting way to understand the mentality and behavior of a person, but an effective way to enable you to sell better in 3 stages :

Stage 1
-To identify your DiSC type.
-To leverage your type for better sales performance.
Stage 2
-To explore the DiSC type of the important people in your career and life.
-To leverage the type for better outcome
Stage 3
-To transcend your original DiSC type for better outcome

Course Content :
(1) 4 types of sales professionals
(2) The pet phrases of the 4 types
(3) The favorite environment of the 4 types
(4) The strength and weakness of the 4 types
(5) The on and off button of the 4 types
(6) The disease of the 4 types
(7) The winning strategy of the 4 types
(8) Transcending your type and sell more

Course Format : Assessment, Demonstration, Practice, Case Study, Discussion

Duration of course : 3 or 6  Hours

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