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Flexible Sales Training Series  (FPVmtC)
Flexible Subconscious Selling (NѼuʾP) 

When one is not aware of the selling process, one may be easier to be sold by you. It is an effective way to improve one's selling ability by learning skills of unconscious communication. This course enables you to sell better in 3 stages :

Stage 1
-To understand unconscious more and deeper
Stage 2
-To be able to read more unconscious messages
Stage 3
-To be able to sell more by unconscious communication

Course Content :
(1) The conscious and subconscious of a person
(2) The coordination between conscious and subconscious
(3) Direct expression Vs Indirect expression
(4) Reading the nonverbal messages in a situation.
(5) When to use direct expression
(6) When to use indirect expression
(7) Why unconscious communication is so powerful
(8) Utilizing 8 indirect techniques and sell more

Course Format : Assessment, Demonstration, Practice, Case Study, Discussion

Duration of course : 3 or 6  Hours

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