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“Congratulations on your innovations ! “ ~ Father George Zee, Chairman of Board, Wah Yan College, Father of NLP in Hong Kong.

 "Bravo ! What a greatness, passion, courage, wisdom and power...there are changes for sure.. the society needs your service badly.” ~ Mr Bill Loh, Former Director of Creative Services, CNN Asia

"The amazing thing is whenever I ..feel hopeless in many critical situations...you are the one ...give me hope. .i feel grateful.." ~ Y Lau, Managing Director

"這次的想法是突然產生的,... 似乎那個目標真的就在不遠處招手呢! ...課程這麼快就催發了我即興的功力,真是不可思議, 也確實讓我挺興奮。.... 很欣賞老師說的 "更有娛樂性, 更有感染力, 亦是真理或知識的強力宣傳",您自己是這麼實踐的, 也讓我對課程樂不思蜀。我也希望能學到這裡面的精髓。" ~ Ms Rui Kwan, Educator, Phd in Biology 

“My sincere salute to you for keeping my heart beating and keeping my mind moving.  My Goodness ! .. you are incredible, ... big big congratulations on your completion on another self-mandala, and a sincerest thanks and respect for all the creativity you bring to our NLP community.” ~ Ms C, NLP Global Trainer and Consultant (NLP University)

“You got so many innovative ideas on training enhancement !” ~ Ms Kitty Ip, Managing Director, Midland Realty Group

“It's wonderful to hear your voice: cheerful and full of confidence voice” ~ Mr David Shum, Ex - Assistant Director, Youth Outreach

“so rich in mind..... unique insights and quality critical mind that some people can never match... keeps fervent calibre to move forward so fast..” ~ Mr YK Cheung, Hong Kong Education Bureau

"Your metaphor really moves my heart and makes me cry.." ~ Jo L, CEO

"What you have done is incredible, I thank you so much for the world too … what i want to learn is the way of your thinking. You make me much more effective. What i want to learn is the way of your thinking.... I feel very easy to use it, in front of my colleague, we both got the whole picture of all the details which we discuss and have no chance to miss them, how effective it is !!! Thank you for giving me this very good tools ! Every week each of my key staff creates one new action in meeting, and they all care very much about this action. No one is absent anymore. No one is late anymore. No one like to fail in front of others. Everyone relaxes and enjoys, full of laughter in meeting. Sometime I don't need to do any preparation. I am the most relaxed one. You are my lucky star, so powerful. It seems that some kind of energy is flowing around." ~ Mr Sam Chan, CEO, advertising corp

"You are just great, Master Coach." ~ C Poon, Waldorf Educator

"Gifted coach you are. Warm heart you have ! In these two days you have inspired me so much in Thinking Styles Strategies. Thank you so much in revolutionize my practice of Relationship and Leadership" ~ C Yung, Educator

"I am very happy to enjoy more freedom in work and life than before !“ ~ J Yam, Social Worker

"You are the Stephen Chow in training and coaching industry." ~ Mr Wilson Tsui, entertainer.

"I can feel you power of thinking that affects people surrounding you, the power of sense of humor especially. Honestly, I am trying to be a kind of people like you !" ~ Mr Brandon Fong, young executive

"it is very effective in removing my client's fear of darkness, obsession with potato chips, and rejection of doing business" ~ Mr Dick Chan, Coach 

"It's much more comprehensible and easier to understand than the academically structured presentation of xx (one of the top ten trainers in Asia) ...Good stuff ! ~ Mr Jackie Chan, Financial Service Manager 

"so thrilled you have this advice for me" ~ Ms Kan, a caring mother. 

“You are the most serious man in the world....you are so deep ... you are very rich, much richer than most people.” ~ Ms E Chow, Ex-Project Officer, Oxfam

"you have the charisma to build ! " ~ Mr Bill Fung, Chief Executive, CAGI

“You are full of wonderful and powerful imagination.” ~ Prof Fan Cheung, Fortmer Hong Kong Baptist University

“What a pity that we don’t know you earlier !" ~ Ms Mandy Cheung, COO, Angel Cosmetics Group

“You have deep insight and great spirit for the world.” ~ Prof KK Chui, New York University

“You are very creative.” ~ Mr Ray Ho, Lecturer, University of Northern Virginia

“Your inspiring is so powerful, you know so much and you are so congruent.” ~ Mr Samson Sum, CEO, Property Agency

“I adore you so much ! ~ Mr Yip Mum Kam, Former District Manager, Midland Group

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