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You are invited to take a journey from prison to flow.  

1. According to our habits, types, patterns, identity, values, beliefs, we are conditioned, attached and locked in our present moment experience - our sensations, thoughts and emotions. 

2. Without awareness, we are locked in our habits and present moment experience. We have little choice and little freedom.  

3. It is possible to break away from this prison. The trick is to connect more with and attach less to our present moment experience and habits. We are more alert but at the same time more relaxed. 

4. Then we have more space to move around. We are less passive and more active. 

5. That means we have more freedom to sense, think, feel abd act.  

6. Then we can be more and more absorbed in our present moment activity, and enters into the state of FLOW. 


9. We then enjoy more and more in our present moment activity. We are more awake to the joy of our present moment activity which is autotelic. 

10. We flow from one activity to another more smoothly with a wisdom of non-duality. 

11. We are fully detached from the imprisonment of the phenomenon we face at every moment. Only then we can experience ultimate freedom. 

12. Among all the different states of body and mind, FLOW is the most enjoyable, fulfilling, satisfying and valuable state we can experience. 

13. In FLOW, we are fully awake and truly alive. Out of FLOW, we live as if we are not fully awake and truly alive.

What happens when you are Flowing ?

How often do you Flow ?

We can Flow more actively, rather than passively.

How to guarantee us to be Out-of-FLOW ?

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