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See through the phenomenon
Every day our peacefulness, harmony, passion and bliss maybe disturbed by adversities - environment, people, events or fate. Many elites, though talented and diligent, cannot achieve their desirable outcome with much effort.

Become aware of the unaware mechanism
At every moment, our body-mind patterns determine (i) the way we perceive every phenomenon  (ii) our emotional and behavioral reactions and (iii) the outcome we create.

Two sides of our repeated patterns
Everyone has one¡¦s own unique set of body-mind patterns/habits. These patterns are effective in helping us through all the obstacles and arriving at where we are now. However, if you check carefully these patterns, you will find a lot of limitations which guarantee our failure to achieve what we want to and deserve to, in all the vital aspects of our lives.

Button of Fate
Our feeling, life quality and life achievement are determined by our body-mind patterns. Yet, most of us pay little or no attention to. Most of the time we are not mindful - focusing on now and here enough, and let the body-mind patterns control most of our fate every day. When we suffer, we complain about people, environment, fate or ourselves. We are not aware that the BUTTON OF FATE is in our hand our choices.

Body-Mind Iambic Pentameter :
We bridge the gap between your present and desirable future by renewing our situations, states, beliefs, strategies and behaviors in 5 steps

(1) Become aware of your present situation(achievement/underachievement) before connecting with your future desirable situation.

(2) Become aware of your present state of body and mind before connecting with your future better state of body and mind.

(3) Become aware of your present beliefs/presuppositions/assumptions before connecting with your better beliefs/presuppositions/assumptions

(4) Become aware of your present strategy before connecting with your better strategy.

(5) Become aware of your present Behavior before aligning our action with your better goal, beliefs, state and strategy

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