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OUTCOME of FLOW Training

1. You will love your Past, Future and especially Present more and more - You will clear the mist, delusions, illusions covering the invaluable and unlimited resources in your Past, Future and Present . You will appreciate your Past, Future and Present  more and more. You will leverage the unlimited resources in your Past, Future and Present   more and more.

2. You will appreciate the great value of obstacles and opportunities in your career, relations and health in your Past, Future and Present more and more.

3. You are good at setting up achievable goals flexibly - You can continuously set up exciting yet realistic goals, design interesting and effective steps, develop higher body-mind abilities, turn the fates around, and to achieve career, relation, and health goals one by one.

4. You will become aware of your patterns(thinking, feeling, behavior) more and more - You will notice your previously unnoticed body-mind programs, their excellence and limitations. You will allow less and less harmful programs operating in your unconscious mind and damaging your flow and joy in life.

5. You will learn how to reprogram your patterns - to delete toxic body-mind programs, and to install higher quality body-mind programs.

6. You will continuously break your unconscious limiting patterns - of assuming, sensing, thinking, speaking, feeling and action strategies, producing continuous internal growth which in turn provides critical support to your development of abilities of learning, innovating, communicating and leading.

7. You will take more control of your body, mind and fate - instead of being the slave of environment, social and economic background, your instinct and talent, and your body-mind habits/patterns/programs any more, you will be in charge of your body-mind operation. You will be more in charge of your fate. As a result, you will be much happier and healthier in your career and relations.

8. You will be more strategic - feel easier to design effective and exciting strategies.

9. Your will be more influential - in workplace, social and intimate relations.

10. You are empowered more and more to help - yourself and others much more than before.

11. You will become a better and better leader - which may be in the form of a lover, parent, friend, communicator, team member, student, teacher, manager, social worker, coach, trainer, consultant, healer, therapist, inspirer, transformer, or citizen.

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