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FLOWxU is not only a system of soft skills (such as communication, leadership and interaction) training, but an open system of flexibility of soft skills training, operated by Learning Worlds Limited, a registered CEF (Continuous Education Fund) Institution. As a research-based people development organization, we deliver high-impact training to address the critical challenges faced by our clients, to boost productivity, to strengthen commitment, and to improve bottom-line profitability with innovative solutions. Our aim is simple - to enable our clients to raise to higher ENERGY levels, to apply better strategy, and to take more effective actions more aligned with consciousness and subconsciousness, resulting in sustained, superior performance.

We have learners from Hong Kong, Mainland China, Taiwan, Spain, Belgium, Germany, North America, India and Pacific Rim.

Our training and development programs are backed up by Certified Corporate Trainer, Certified Corporate Trainer of Trainer, Executive Coach, Relationship Coach, Health Coach, Assessor of Qualifying Exam of Certified Corporate Trainer, NLP Trainers and Educators. Our training programs are ACTION-BASED committed to drive results.



Many people grow up with unconscious belief contaminations from family, friends, schools and society, resulting in performance not as good as they deserve to have.  When it comes to letting more of your energy flow at your physical, behavioral, emotional, strategic and belief levels, we are your best partner. If we are in more and more wonderful state, better strategies can be fluently generated and implemented to create better outcome. We enable people from different categories (learners, executives, leaders, parents, lovers) to enjoy exciting learning experiences, have more and more fun, keep elevating levels of mental and physical states, and flow more and more in activities in life by continuously aligning outcomes, actions, states and strategies.

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