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Besides our training and coaching services for organizations, we have individual learners from Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, North America, Europe, India and Pacific Rim.

FLOWxU means that your achievement can be multiplied by the power of Flow. So you can flow more fluently, joyfully and effectively in your work and life, by expanding your scope of options. All of our programs are to increase your options.

Flexible Sales Training Series  (靈活銷售訓練系列) :
S00 Mindful Selling (醒覺式銷售)

S01 Flexible DiSC Selling (四型彈性銷售)
S02 Flexible Enneagram Selling (九型彈性銷售)
S03 Flexible HBDI Selling - FactFormFeelFree (全腦彈性銷售)
S04 Flexible 4MAT Selling - WhyWhatHowIf (4MAT彈性銷售)
S05 Flexible Metaprogram Selling  (程式彈性銷售)
S09 Flexible Reality Selling (現實彈性銷售)
S21 Flexible Time-Space Selling (時空彈性銷售)
S07 Flexible Out-In Metabolic Selling (更新彈性銷售)
S11 Flexible Belief Selling (信念彈性銷售)
S10 Flexible Emotion Selling (情緒彈性銷售)
S08 Flexible Body-Voice Selling (身聲彈性銷售)
S17 Flexible Breathing Selling (呼吸彈性銷售)
S12 Flexible Alignment Selling (一致彈性銷售)
S13 Flexible Unconscious Selling (潛意識彈性銷售)
S14 Flexible Chakra Selling (七能彈性銷售)
S15 Flexible Self Selling (自我彈性銷售)
S16 Flexible Nondual Selling (不二彈性銷售)
S18 Flexible Branding & Selling (品牌彈性銷售)
S21 Flexible Now Here Selling (當下彈性銷售)
S19 Flexible Gamification Selling (遊戲彈性銷售)
S20 Flexible Effortless Selling (一致彈性銷售)

Flexible Leader Training Series  (靈活領袖訓練系列) :
LD00 Mindful Leadership (醒覺式領袖)

LD01 Flexible DiSC Leadership (四型彈性領袖)
LD02 Flexible Enneagram Leadership (九型彈性領袖)
LD03 Flexible HBDI Leadership (全腦彈性領袖)
LD04 Flexible Metaprogram Leadership  (程式彈性領袖)
LD05 Flexible Body-Voice Leadership (身聲彈性領袖)
LD06 Flexible Emotion Leadership (情緒彈性領袖)
LD07 Flexible Alignment Leadership (一致彈性領袖)
LD08 Flexible Unconscious Leadership (潛意識彈性領袖)
LD09 Flexible Belief Leadership (信念彈性領袖)
LD11 Flexible Branding & Leadership (品牌彈性領袖)
LD12 Flexible Chakra Leadership (七能彈性領袖)
LD13 Flexible Self Leadership (自我彈性領袖)
LD14 Flexible Nondual Leadership (不二彈性領袖)
LD15 Flexible Coaching Leadership (啟導彈性領袖)
LD16 Flexible Culture Leadership (文化彈性領袖)
LD17 Flexible Breathing Leadership (呼吸彈性領袖)

Flexible Teacher Training Series (靈活教學訓練系列) :
T00 Mindful Teaching (醒覺式教學)
T01 Flexible DiSC Teaching (四型彈性教學)
T02 Flexible Enneagram Teaching (九型彈性教學)
T03 Flexible HBDI Teaching (全腦彈性教學)
T04 Flexible 4MAT Teaching (4MAT彈性教學)
T05 Flexible Metaprogram Teaching (程式彈性教學)
T07 Flexible Out-In Metabolic Teaching (更新彈性教學)
T08 Flexible Body-Voice Teaching (身聲彈性教學)
T09 Flexible Reality Teaching (現實彈性教學)
T10 Flexible Emotion Teaching (情緒彈性教學)
T11 Flexible Belief Teaching (信念彈性教學)
T12 Flexible Alignment Teaching (一致彈性教學)
S13 Flexible Unconscious Selling (潛意識彈性教學)
S14 Flexible Chakra Selling (七能彈性教學)
S15 Flexible Self Selling (自我彈性教學)
S16 Flexible Nondual Selling (不二彈性教學)
S17 Flexible Breathing Selling (呼吸彈性教學)
S18 Flexible Branding & Selling (品牌彈性教學)
S19 Flexible Gamification Selling (遊戲彈性教學)
S20 Flexible Effortless Selling (一致彈性教學)

Flexible Parent Training Series  (靈活親子技巧系列) :
P00 Mindful Parenting (醒覺式親子技巧)

P01 Flexible DiSC Parenting (四型彈性親子技巧)
P02 Flexible Enneagram Parenting (九型彈性親子技巧)
P03 Flexible HBDI Parenting (全腦彈性親子技巧)
P04 Flexible NLP Parenting (NLP 彈性親子技巧)
P05 Flexible Body-Voice Parenting (身聲彈性親子技巧)
P06 Flexible Emotion Parenting (情緒彈性親子技巧)
P07 Flexible Alignment Parenting (一致彈性 親子技巧)
P08 Flexible Unconscious Parenting (潛意識彈性親子技巧)
P09 Flexible Belief Parenting (信念彈性親子技巧) )
P11 Flexible Branding & Parenting (品牌彈性 親子技巧)
P12 Flexible Chakra Parenting (七能彈性親子技巧)
P13 Flexible Self Parenting (自我彈性親子技巧)
P14 Flexible Nondual Parenting (不二彈性親子技巧)
P15 Flexible Coaching Parenting (啟導彈性親子技巧)
P16 Flexible Culture Parenting (文化彈性親子技巧)
P17 Flexible Breathing Parenting (呼吸彈性親子技巧)

Flexible Learner Training Series  (靈活學習技巧系列) :
LN00 Mindful Learning (醒覺式學習技巧)

LN01 Flexible DiSC Learning (四型彈性學習技巧)
LN02 Flexible Enneagram Learning (九型彈性學習技巧)
LN03 Flexible HBDI Learning (全腦彈性學習技巧)
LN04 Flexible Metaprogram Learning  (程式彈性學習技巧)
LN05 Flexible Body-Voice Learning (身聲彈性學習技巧)
LN15 Flexible Breathing Learning (呼吸彈性 學習技巧)
LN15 Flexible Out-In Metabolic Learning (更新彈性 學習技巧)
LN09 Flexible Belief Learning (信念彈性學習技巧)
LN15 Flexible Time-Space Learning (時空彈性學習技巧)
LN13 Flexible Self Learning (自我彈性學習技巧)
LN06 Flexible Emotion Learning (情緒彈性學習技巧)
LN07 Flexible Alignment Learning (一致彈性 學習技巧)
LN08 Flexible Unconscious Learning (潛意識彈性學習技巧)
LN11 Flexible Branding & Learning (品牌彈性學習技巧)
LN12 Flexible Chakra Learning (七能彈性學習技巧)
LN14 Flexible Nondual Learning (不二彈性學習技巧)

Flexible Relationship Training Series  (靈活關係技巧系列) :
R00 Mindful Relationship (醒覺式關係技巧)

R01 Flexible DiSC Relationship (四型彈性關係技巧)
R02 Flexible Enneagram Relationship (九型彈性關係技巧)
R03 Flexible HBDI Relationship (全腦彈性關係技巧)
R04 Flexible Metaprogram Relationship  (程式彈性關係技巧)
R05 Flexible Body-Voice Relationship (身聲彈性關係技巧)
R06 Flexible Emotion Relationship (情緒彈性關係技巧)
R07 Flexible Alignment Relationship (一致彈性關係技巧)
R08 Flexible Unconscious Relationship (潛意識彈性關係技巧)
R09 Flexible Belief Relationship (信念彈性關係技巧)
R11 Flexible Branding & Relationship (品牌彈性關係技巧)
R12 Flexible Chakra Relationship (七能彈性關係技巧)
R13 Flexible Self Relationship (自我彈性關係技巧)
R14 Flexible Nondual Learning (不二彈性關係技巧)
R15 Flexible Coaching Relationship (啟導彈性關係技巧)
R16 Flexible Culture Relationship (文化彈性關係技巧)
R17 Flexible Breathing Relationship (呼吸彈性關係技巧)


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